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Periodontal Orthodontic Procedures in Encino, CA

Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics (AOO), also known as “Wilckodontics

Indication: for patients who desire to have much faster orthodontic treatment times

Procedure: Surgery of the gums is performed to prepare the teeth for faster movement. Just 2 weeks after the surgery the orthodontic treatment is started. As a result, the treatment time for most orthodontic cases can be reduced to 3 to 8 months. This new method is a combination of time-tested and proven techniques from the fields of orthodontics and periodontics and is called the Accelerated Osteogenic OrthodonticsTM (AOO) procedure.

Benefits of Wilckodontics:

  1. Less time in braces (quicker treatment) because of faster movement of teeth.
  2. More bone to support teeth long term.
  3. More tooth movement is possible with fewer tooth extractions.
  4. Less Root Resorption (Root Resorption can occur with conventional braces)
  5. Less Relapse (Movement of Teeth Back to Prior Position) Relapse sometimes occurs with orthodontics. This is why wearing a retainer is important after treatment to prevent migration of teeth away from the ideal position.

Temporary anchorage devices (TAD’s)

TAD’s are small temporarily placed implants or anchors that facilitate orthodontic treatment. They provide the anchorage necessary in orthodontic movement. This will result in a better final orthodontic outcome and in some cases eliminates the need for much more drastic jaw surgeries.

An example of a single TAD that was used to move the teeth in the desired direction.